AI Impact on Cybersecurity Panel | CogX17

The growing problem of cyber security appears to present a perfect opportunity for AI: big data from enterprise networks, from the public internet networks, and in databases and file systems provide ample training opportunities.
According to the Verizon Data Breach Report, more than 70 percent of attacks exploit known vulnerabilities with available patches. At the same time, the findings show that hackers take advantage of vulnerabilities within minutes of their becoming public knowledge. Recent industry research shows that it takes organisations on average 146 days to fix critical vulnerabilities. This benchmark indicates we need to rethink existing approaches to enterprise security.
Many startups propose solutions based on the combination of AI and cyber security, so far with mixed results. This panel brings together experts from both the academic and commercial worlds to discuss the real impact, and future potential of AI in cyber security.
How AI can support identification of threats, risk assessment and orchestration of remediation ? What are the wider ethical issues an AI arms race could uncover?