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The AI revolution in HR is underway

From recruitment to retention, early adopters of AI are reaping the rewards of vastly increased efficiency. Large corporate companies in particular, like consumer goods giant Unilever, have proven the far-reaching effects AI-driven tools can deliver, by reducing time to hire by 90%, and increasing diversity hires by 16%.

“AI helped us reduce time to hire by 90%, and increase diversity hires by 16%.”

– Vodafone

Deploying AI successfully is challenging

The market is highly fragmented, increasingly complex, and harder than ever to curate for the best solutions and people.

To succeed, leaders need to understand:

  • Where is AI making a difference?
  • How do I drive competitive advantage?
  • What is the business case?
  • Which is the best AI HR solution?
  • What lessons have others learnt?

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CognitionX: backed by tech superstars, trusted by FTSE100

CognitionX is already partnered with a number of FTSE100 and global technology companies, is backed by some of the biggest names in technology, and is influencing the AI agenda at the highest levels of government.

CognitionX is a Market Intelligence Platform that brings clarity to the complex and fast-paced world of All Things AI. Our mission is to democratise access to the information and research on the products and resources required to build AI solutions in a responsible and impactful way.

CognitionX is founded on a team of dedicated AI specialists. We’re independent, comprehensive, and purpose-driven.