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    AI Impact on Financial Services & Economy Panel | CogX17 Highlights

    Very little is of more importance than the impact of AI on the economy. According to research published by Accenture, AI has the potential to double the GDP growth rates of 12 developed economies by 2035 and yield huge economic benefits; the models predict the UK could boost its annual growth from 2.5% to 3.9%, generating an extra $814bn. In the face of rapid and unpredictable changes, incorporating AI technologies with existing core indexes that track key economic measures will enable Financial Institutions to make more data-informed decisions around investments, loans and deposits. AI also promises to transform what’s possible in trading financial instruments, the detection of financial fraud and regulation compliance.

    • How has the economy responded to technology disruption in the past?
    • What will the impact be this time?
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    MC Srivas, Uber on Impact of AI on Transportation & Smart Cities | CogX17 Highlights

    The Chief Data Architect at Uber, MC Srivas talks about the Impact of AI on Transportation & Smart Cities.

    MC Srivas worries about all data issues from trips, riders/partners, pricing to analytics, self-driving cars, security, and data-center planning. Previously, Srivas was CTO/founder of MapR Technologies, a top Hadoop distribution.

    Prior to that, Srivas worked at Google on search, developing and running the core search engine that powered many of Google’s special verticals like ads, maps, shopping.

    Before joining Google, Srivas was chief architect at Spinnaker Networks (now Netapp), which formed the basis of Netapp’s flagship NAS products. Before that, Srivas ran the Andrew File System team at Transarc, which was acquired by IBM. Srivas has a MS from University of Delaware, and a BTech from IIT-Delhi.

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    AI Impact on Mental Health Panel | CogX17 Highlights

    Is AI the answer or another risk factor for Mental Health? Watch to find out more.

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    Rose Luckin on the Impact of AI in Education | CogX17 Highlights

    Rose Luckin, Professor of Learner Centred Design at UCL Knowledge Lab, discusses the Impact AI will have in Education.

    “It is the ‘type’ of teaching that makes a difference to how we learn and how we act. So the impact of AI on the future of education needs to focus on the important aspects that will drive the best results.”

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